Thursday, 24 March 2011

A finish !

I actually completed this a couple of weeks back but am just now getting round to showing you. It has appearred on my blog in various stages of completion but is now D.O.N.E - hurray.

First of all I quilted in the ditch with invisible thread but decided I wanted to add some hand-quilting. If you click these pictures you can see some detail. Please remember some of this quilting was done when I was flat on my back with this slipped disc so be gentle with me - lol !

I think I will put a hanging sleeve on this and find a spot for it somewhere - not sure where yet.

For anyone interested it is called Log Cabin Sampler by Bareroots. It measures 34 by 38inches.

I have quite a bit of stuff to show and will try to catch up over the next few days. I have been very unsettled and done lots of bits and pieces here and there - you will see what I mean soon :-)

I only have a few minutes here so will quickly show a little bag I made for Floss as a little giveaway thing from a while back.

And here is a lovely little surprise I received from Karol-Ann for guessing how many 4-patches she made before attending a workshop with Bonnie Hunter ( lucky girl ).

Now that's the sort of post I like to receive - great fun ! Of course the very delicious bar of chocolate is long gone . . .

One last thing - I received an email a while back from Pameladownunder who I would love to answer but unfortunately is no-reply. If you are reading this Pamela perhaps you could email me again with your email addy so I can answer you.

Next post will be a proper mish-mash I assure you - need to take some photos.
See you soon xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

A bit sad

I have been doing quite a lot of sewing lately ( I am now on Morphine tablets which although not ideal in the long term are bloody marvellous at taking some of the pain away until things improve ) but I am not showing you what I've been doing just yet as I want to tell you all of something very thought provoking that happened to me this week.

I attend a small quilt group every Tuesday night and although I hadn't been for a while - with these new pills I have been feeling so much better I managed to get there last week and the week before.

Anyway we had visitors on Tuesday night - a couple of ladies from a locallish quilt group selling fabric. You see one of their members sadly died just after Christmas and this fabric belonged to her. When she passed away her husband did not know what to do with all her stuff and was actually going to dump it all in the land fill site. Her friends came to the rescue and decided they would sell it for her and then her family would donate the proceeds to charity.

When they were due to come on Tuesday we knew these friends had already been to a few venues and had held a sale in a church hall so we were not expecting too much. Well when they arrived we were all absolutely staggered by the sheer quantity of fabric they brought in. I wished I'd had my camera - it was amazing. The ladies told us that this was only about a QUARTER of what they'd started with !!!!

The lady who'd died had also had 5 sewing machines, cutting mats galore and anything else you could think of to do with quilting but many of them. I think she was a compulsive buyer.

I obviously bought some fabric and I kept thinking how sad it was that she never got to use this fabric although of course it was good that at least it would be bought by quilters who would love it and use it to make beautiful quilts with. What a shame it would have been for it all to be dumped.

It certainly made me think about how much fabric we own. My stash is a good size but really I could see how it could so easily get out of control. Before this I was thinking I would try and use more from my stash this year and this has seconded it.

Here's what I got

To date her friends have sold over £8,000 worth of quilting stuff - I think that's about $13,000

Makes you think doesn't it ?