Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Scraps again !

I've been decorating my kitchen so not much time to sew and therefore not a lot to blog about. I've been sanding, painting, stripping down cupboards and wallpapering. It's almost done now - just a few finishing touches. So I am itching to stitch.

But first let me show you what I got from my lovely friend Dawn. Remember the quilt I showed you a few posts back from Quilters Newsletter ? Well Dawn has seen the quilt "in the flesh" and sent me some great photos of it. Well the upshot is we are both going to make the quilt and when Dawn knew I was struggling to get some of the poison green fabrics she very kindly bought some for both of us ( I think Dawns friend was sent shopping - lo ) and here's my loot.

They are so beautiful I am going to have a hard job cutting into them. Dawn has made her first block and we are going to take our time with this. I am trying to use what I have but without the poison greens and the chrome yellows I'm sure it wouldn't work as well. Thanks heaps Dawn - there is a little thankyou coming to you soon.

I have been working on my Mariners Compass when I've had the time and energy and the quilting is coming along well. Here is a peak at the border.

I have these templates in various shapes and use them quite a lot.

And lastly the title of my post. I have loads of scraps - absolutely tons of them. ( Don't we all ?) A while back I started cutting then down into useable sizes - 2 inch squares etc. But I have an enormous box of what can only be called strings. Now I didn't want to throw then out. Years ago before I knew better I used to bin them - unbelieveable I know ! Now I've seen the error of my ways and hang onto every crumb. These strings were in a bit of a state - very raggy and yucky - lol ! So I have dug out the box and turning these

and these

into these. A lot of work but I have a plan.

And by the way I do not count this as starting a new quilt as it is only scraps - lol ! I have almost convinced myself this is true - HA !!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Better ??

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out with my border decision. It seems most were with me and that the squares did not look quite right. Some of your comments made me laugh - especially the one about it being half-baked - lol !!

Sooooooo - off came the squares and on went the cream with a little addition of the cornerstones.

What do you think?

The cream border has a small print and I do think it's better. Although maybe the squares just needed to grow on me - lol !!

Anyway it's layered up now for hand quilting and I'm not faffing about with it any longer. It's 36 inches square so not too big and shouldn't take me too long to get quilted ( famous last words ? )

But you know how easily we are all sidetracked. I bought this book last week

and just had to give one a go.

This one is called Strawberries and cream and made it's way to my mum's kitchen as a little extra Mothering Sunday present. Great book I must say. I have started on another tea cosy - this time for me.
A little story about making this. My kids are so used to me making things that they don't always take a lot of notice of what I'm doing. Anyway Patricks friend ( 13 yo ) was sleeping over on Saturday night and was absolutely fascinated by what I was doing. I could see him watching me knit one of the little strawberries. He asked Patrick to pass him one of the finished ones and was examining it closely. Jokingly I asked him if he would like me to knit him a strawberry and he said yes - he would love one. Bless him.

Hope you all get some stitching in this week..

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Opinions please !

I have added another couple of borders on my Mariners compass wall quilt but think I may have killed it !!!

I keep looking at it and am very undecided whether to remove the last border and change it for something else. This is very unlike me - I usually know straight away if I feel something works or not.

First I added a little border of a red print and this I like. I then decided to add 4 inch squares of some of the fabrics I've used so far. But I also put in a little strip just to break up the dark colours without adding to the size. Like this -

These 4 inch squares fit perfectly but I'm thinking they all need to come off.

I may go with something like this. A bit more of the cream print and bind it with the red.

Less is more ??

Please give me your honest opinions. Should I remove those squares or not. I am a big girl - I can take it - lol ! Thanks xxx
All photos should click to enlarge.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Post

I am going to try and post every Sunday if I can - and hopefully anymore I can squeeze in.

Been doing a bit of this and that - lots of cross-stitch. I really want my Midnight Moggies picture done before I get fed up of it. I'm really enjoying it. Will show a progress picture soon.

I've been basting lots of part hexagons for my 3-colour quilt.

I plan to get most of these basted ready for some serious sewing action maybe during the summer when it's hot.

I have finished a top ready for quilting. Once this is done it will be a UFO off the list. It is here. Karol-Ann - you may recognise this border fabric ?

This picture is deceiving. Those blocks are just 2 inches. Yes - I've been using up my little scraps. These blocks originally were part of this

It is the country sampler BOM from Ellies Quilt place that I started last year. Got to June and stalled. I knew I would not ever get these done now so took out the little square in a square blocks and made some more to make this little mini-quilt. I like it and would love to do a proper full sized quilt in this design. Not 2 inch blocks though - think that would drive me mad - lol !

This looked like this yesterday

Different fabric for borders. Once done I decided against it and off they came. This photo shows borders in process of being mitred. I like borders 2 better.

Will quilt this later and maybe use some scrap binding from this little tin.

I have a tin or box for everything. Bit of an obsession - lol !!

By the way if anyone wants those 5 stitchery blocks January to May please shout out - I will be delighted to part with them - I have enough quilty guilt about UFO's just now.

Jess is home - absolutely exhausted - physically and mentally. She has certainly had her eyes opened. She is still in the process of sorting out her many photos so once they're done I'll put a few on here. She had an amazing time and would love to go back. I can see her doing volunteer work in the future. We are relieved to have her back safe and sound. She is very emotional about all she's experienced and it is a bit of a culture shock coming back to her life I think. Here she is at the AIDS orphanage. She wanted to bring some of these children home she said.

Take care xxx