Friday, 21 June 2013

Another little project

I'm pretty sure I never posted about this even though it was done a few months ago.
I followed a tutorial on checkoutgirlcrafts blog and really enjoyed it.
A couple of firsts here - I had never made a hoop and had never worked with wool felt.
My daughter will soon be leaving home and moving into her own place -sharing with a friend. Not sure when but should be before the end of the year. Her large bedroom will be snapped up by my lad but I will get his room to be my sewing room - yippee.
So this little hoop will go on the wall in there along with quite a few mini quilts I've aquired over the years - going to be great.
I will be spending the weekend sorting fabrics - they are not as organised as usual and I need to get them so I'm not wasting precious sewing time looking for that elusive piece of fabric !!
Have fun x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Little rabbits

Now I know this is working I'll try and catch up on what I've been doing.
I have been doing a lot of crochet but will do a separate post on that. I also got very excited when Julie from released a couple of her patterns. I have long admired her gorgeous creations. So after a few (ie - many) hours work this is the result. Came out ok for a first attempt although I must admit I did say a few bad words when unpicking the ears for about the fifth time - could not get them right. This has gone to one of my oldest friends who is having a major health issue. I've told her it can be her lucky mascot when she's attending her many hospital appointments. She is a knitter herself and loves it.
I've made another one since and started number 3.
Since I have no idea where these photos will be in this post I'll just say that mine has the blue shoes and pink dress and my friends has the fair isle dress.
They are so cute and the pattern is excellent. One of the best I've followed.
Back soon x

Still here !

This is a quick test post -I have installed an app for my phone that hopefully will work. If so it will be much easier to update my blog when time is limited . Fingers crossed xx