Thursday, 21 June 2012

I have a dream ....

It's all very well working on UFO's - indeed I will very soon have two more to cross off my list - stay tuned for those - but I have broke rank today and indulged in a little scrap therapy. I have boxes of little scraps separated into colour and recently saw something on a blog ( forget who's -sorry ) that had me hotfooting it to etsy to buy this pattern  Pretty, pretty.

So a little bit of mess later I have these.

The dream I have is of one day having a sewing room of my own.  For now I have my sewing table set up in a corner of our bedroom.  I have plenty of space but when the kids leave home I am going to take over one of their bedrooms and spread out... In this room will be all my sewing machines, fabrics and all the usual paraphenalia and in a corner will be room for a tiny little bed - just for me - lol.  If I want I can escape the snores of my DH and sleep amongst my treasures.  On this bed will be a quilt ( of course ! ) and I have decided that it will a Rose quilt - so here is a long term project - by the time I get this room - way in the future - I may just have enough blocks ( quite time consuming making these ) to make my quilt. They are 6 inch blocks and have 51 pieces...

Now I have a lot of scraps so they should see me alright for a while.  I have a ton of blue scraps and although in real life blue roses are not the norm - because this is my quilt I am thinking I will make one in blue and see how it looks. We shall see.

I have loads more stuff to catch up on so will be back soon.  This weekend I plan to do one of my favourite parts of quilting - binding - love it.

See you soon xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Oldest UFO and catching up....

In an old box rescued from my parents house along with school reports and certificates I came across a piece of embroidery I had done in Primary school.  I thought hard and actually remember working on this - I was 10 years old and now I am 43 so it's quite a treasure.  It was tacked roughly onto a piece of cardboard and was stained in several places.

I carefully unpicked it from the cardboard and with my heart in my mouth washed it very gently in my kitchen sink.  I was so hoping it wouldn't fall apart or that the colours would run.  Luckily neither event happened - phew !!  Once dry I trimmed it down and added a couple of little borders.  Then I hand quilted it and added binding.  I really love it and am so glad to have it done.  I will add a label and may even mount it in a frame.  My DH can't believe I embroidered this at age 10 but I guess I was always destined to have a needle in my hand. Here it is...

Whilst browsing through my photos I realised I have never shown photos of a quilt I finished last year.  There is a bit of a story to this one.. A while back I was unable to sew due to a back injury which turned out to be a slipped disc. During this time I did a lot of crochet as I could manage to do this whilst lying flat on my back.  But my fabrics kept calling to me and one day I put some fabrics together that would end up in a quilt. These were put in a box and forgot about.  Months later I came across them and whilst browsing about on the web I came across a pattern on the sewwequilt website.  Here is the link. I decided to get this quilt done and it was the quickest quilt I ever made.  I love this quilt so much - I have named it my Morphine Quilt because those were the pills I was taking when I chose the colours - lol..I use this quilt a lot when I'm reading and feeling a bit cold. 

Not the best photos - really must get a new camera.  My friend Julie loved this so much she is making one in 30's prints. I will try and get a photo when it is done. I have loads more to show but am going to try and keep to smaller posts until I'm caught up.  Carolyn and I have an agreement to try and get our blogs moving again - lets see how we get on.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Long time !

Hello - I am still around.  A few minor health issues and other stuff have gotten in the way of blogging I'm afraid.  I'm still reading all my blog list and even commenting but this poor old blog is very sad....
I have been hard at work finishing some UFO's and just need to charge up my camera and take some photos.  I was quite dismayed when I counted up my started projects and discovered I had more than I thought - every time I thought my list was complete I remembered another one - lol.  
My final total was 27 and that for me is too many.  My aim is to try and get to single figures by the end of the year.  We'll see how it goes.
I am going to try and have a proper catch up post within a week - now it's in writing I may just stick to it - see you soon xxx