Thursday, 31 December 2009

SSCS gifts

The big question in my house was would the wait be worth it ? The wait to open my SSCS gift that is..........

The answer was OMG - yes.

Just look at my wonderful present from Toni.

I was so pleased when I started opening these. You might know I have 3 real kitties - a black + white, a grey + white and a tabby. How clever of Toni to come up with the perfect gift for me. I love them so much - absolutely gorgeous. My house is still a bit messy from filtering in all the Christmas gifts but once I'm organised these will be pride-of-place somewhere.

Look at the detail

Thanks so much Toni - as well as for the lovely chocolate and beautiful buttons - which I've forgotten to photograph.

My gift went to Kerry. Heres what I made

A tote bag, a hexie table runner and a few little things.

Another successful swap organised by Donna - don't know how she manages this. Thanks Donna - especially for the encouragement to hold out on opening - lol !!!

Just time to wish everyone who reads this all the very best for 2010. Cheers xxxx

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas !!

Just a quick post to wish each and every one of you all the very best for a lovely, relaxing Christmas. Despite the last minute rush everything is in order here - gifts bought and wrapped - food bought - last minute home-made gifts finished with hours to spare - lol !

I think this is my favourite part of Christmas - the anticipation and knowing everything is done and most importantly the shops are closed so I can't spend any more money :-)

Will be back in 2010 hopefully with lots of new stuff. I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog and once again I send my warmest wishes to you all at this special time of year.

ps. I am so looking forward to opening my SSCS gift tomorrow - go on admit it - you never thought I'd last out - lol !!!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Bright !!

Do you remember this ?

that turned into this

well now it's this

It's going to a friends daughter and I hope she likes it.

There was as much pressing in this quilt as actual sewing. I pressed the seams open so they would lie flat and guess what ? They did !!

I quilted in the ditch but decided it needed something more.

So I did some big stitch quilting with 3 strands of DMC embroidery thread. It looked good but what a lot of extra work. I roughly worked it out as 25 hours more. Ever wish you hadn't started something ? lol If you click on the photo below you may be able to see what I mean.

I did the binding in a black and white polka dot just because I thought it needed a strong colour to finish it.

Too much Christmas shopping and cleaning and driving around going on at the moment and definitely not enough stitching. Can't wait to get something done when things calm down.

AND I still haven't opened my SSCS gift yet - think I've cracked it. I've gone 13 days so may as well last out now - sound like an alcoholic - lol ! Ooh the anticipation !!

Will try to post again before the big day...

( message for Aisha - can you email your address and colour choice for the FQ's - tried getting you a few times now ) xx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Quilt Winner !

Well I put all the raffle tickets into a bowl

and Jason gave them a good mix and picked one ticket and the winner is Kathy. So my quilt will soon be winging it's way to Canada.

A huge heartfelt thanks to all who bought tickets. A few of you just bought tickets purely to help Jess's fund while others just wanted the quilt. For whatever reason we are both very grateful for your kindness and it was definitely worth doing ( even taking into account the paypal fees ). It has bumped up Jess's total nicely and I think she was pleasantly surprised how much we raised - the total was £255.

And the winner of my little giveaway is Aisha from Bahrain. I will send you an email soon for your colour choice of fabric and address.

And my SSCS parcel has arrived safe and well from Australia. You will all be very proud of me because it has been in my house for a whole 24 hours and I have not opened it yet. I am trying SO hard to keep it til Christmas. Do you hear Gudrun ? lol...... A huge thanks to Donna for doing this again - I can't imagine how much work goes into a swap of this scale.

I may be quiet for a while - lots to do - including putting up new wardrobes in Patricks room and trying to get him to part with some junk - you know what 13 yo boys are like.

Thanks again to all raffle participants xxx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A few finishes

After 7 years of quilting and I don't know how many finished quilts my DH Jason finally has his own. I started this a while back when we knew we were in a recession and I laughingly named it Jason's Credit Crunch quilt as I told him he would have to wrap up in this instead of us having the heating on - lol !!! The time I took the poor man would have froze to death if that was the case :-(

Anyway all done and although I wanted to get a photo of him with it finished it seems now is the time for his business to take off and I can never catch him when the light is good. So here it is draped on my sofa - not the best picture.

This is the first quilt done on my new machine and I found it much better having the extra space under the arm. Had a few issues with thread snapping at first but after some new needles and much adjusting of tension it is fine.

It is backed with polar fleece and the piece I bought was just slightly too small so had to trim the second black print border to fit. Actually one side out of the 4 is an inch smaller but no-one has noticed so I will keep quiet about it. Jason is very pleased with it and will now stop muttering that everyone has a quilt except him - lol !

I've also been doing some knitting. I was a knitter long before I ever quilted - my Mum and Nana were great knitters and my sister and I were taught at a very early age. Maureen was 4 and I was 6. I bought a knitting magazine a couple of weeks ago as it caught my eye and have made a few things.

These are pressies - I love the pink hat - I have bought more wool to make myself one only in blue.

And I haven't actually bought much fabric lately but fancied these last week - must be a seasonal thing. Although there is no chance of anything being done with them soon. Hopefully I will have another finish in a few days - I am working on another quilt.

And we are drawing the winning number for the raffle tonight. I have bought a book of raffle tickets as I thought it was fairer than having some-one pick a random number. If you have requested tickets and have not paid there are about 3 or so hours left. If anyone happens to pay after we have chosen I will refund your money. If you are in the draw look out for an email if you are the winner. Good luck xxxx