Saturday, 25 April 2009

Another baby quilt.

Here is the quilt all done and bound ready for baby Ewan's nursery.

His room is yellow and brown - think baby giraffes and such. So I went with that colour scheme instead of my usual scrappy. Hopefully his parents will like it. I was going to take it today but they are out so maybe tomorrow. It is a surprise.

This week I have been working on my hexagons - getting some prepared and such.

I would love to have this box full of ready-to-go ones but as soon as I've done enough for a block I just have to sew them together. I have about 2 years work left on this - lol !

I have also been making some flying geese with a pack of fabric I bought off ebay some time ago. It is sort of shaded across the widths and comes in all colours of the rainbow. I have never found the perfect project for this and still don't think so either. These geese blocks are not doing it for me. One day I want to make an orphan block quilt and I'm thinking these will be in there somewhere.

A couple of months ago I started a Bareroots pattern called Log Cabin Sampler. I have added a couple of rounds today and prepared the next one. Tonight I want to stitch around these flowers and start on round 4. It is a stitchery one and I am looking forward to doing it. I plan to raid my overflowing scrap bag for this.

Think that's about it - rooms a mess again - whats new ?

Earlier in the week I was sorting through some magazines and came across a series quilt in Quilters Newsletter. I went online and printed foundation patterns for part 2 ready to sew when I had chosen colours. I found the magazine with part 3 in and put it aside ( there are just 3 parts ) and then began to look for part 1. Looked everywhere I could think of to no avail. Went to QN website to see the cover so I knew what I was looking for and you guessed it - don't have that one. Not sure how I missed it but am now in process of ordering back issue. I drove Jason mad muttering " it must be here somewhere" for days -lol !

Enjoy your weekend xx

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Spring Swap and leftovers.

Thank goodness Easter is over. It is a terrible time for a chocoholic like me. Temptation everywhere and when it comes to chocolate I have NO willpower - lol ! The kids go back to school on Tuesday and I will hopefully have more sewing time. I have loads of new ideas floating about in my brain - time will tell if any will actually get put into practise

Like many others I have taken part in Linda's Spring Swap and I think a good time was had by all. I received a lovely parcel from Betsy with the following goodies. There was also a magazine but I can't find it at the minute.

Wonderful stuff. Of course that tea towel is far too nice to use - lol - so I think I will have it on display in my kitchen if I ever finish the decorating in there. The cushion cover is waiting for me to buy a pad which I keep forgetting to do.

Thankyou Betsy - another lovely swap.

My swap partner was Sudi-Laura and the instructions I had were no dull colours and BRIGHT please. I agonised over this and eventually came up with a kaleidoscope table topper. The purple appliqued flowers just sort of happened. Bit different to what I normally make and it WAS bright. I also included some chocolate mini eggs for her son and a funky notebook.

I have had a bit of recurring trouble with the trapped nerve in my arm so not an awful lot going on quilting-wise. I did get a little quilt top done for project Linus with the leftover squares from the quilt in my last post. I want to make more of these little quilts - I seem to have lots of novelty prints sitting around doing nothing.

Dawn has posted pictures of some quilts from a show and the first one has really caught my attention. I am just off to work out some measurements for a sample block......

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Abandoned no more.

Do you remember this ?

Started about 18 months ago and abandoned as I wasn't enjoying the piecing. I really loved the fabrics though and had cut about 100 melon shapes. So I had a re-think and with a bit of fusible web and some machine applique it turned into this.

You like ?
I do very much and am so glad I decided not to bin the whole thing. Here is a close-up of the border fabric. All from stash I might add. Another one in the "To Quilt" pile. One day I will get round to these - when I get a new quilting machine perhaps.

I have been working away in the evenings on some hexagons which I love. Just want to put a few pieces together before I show you.

I have also done a bit of baby-napping - lol !

This little cutie is the son of friends of ours. 10 weeks old and making me broody - well just a bit. I've borrowed him a few times to give his parents a little break. Jess took these photos of him on my bed on top of my old pyramid quilt. He has his own quilt on it's way - the top is done and I will try and get it quilted soon.

I received my Spring Swap package yesterday and can't wait to show off my goodies - next time !

Jason and I are real home-birds and rarely have a night out but last week we went to a surprise party for one of my cousins. A new outfit was called for so visits to clothes shops ensued. Not my favourite thing at all. It got me to thinking are you a true quilter if in an emergency situation you would save your fabric stash over the contents of your wardrobe - lol ! I know which I'd do..

Have a great Easter and try and get a few stitches done xx