Monday, 26 July 2010

Catch up post !!

You know it's time to update your blog when you start getting emails from concerned readers wondering where you are - lol !! I'm fine but still taking things easy due to this bloomin back pain. I have been working on a few things though which I'll show you soon.

But first a massive thankyou to my wonderful cousin in Australia. Sarah has sent me a beautiful hand-made gift which arrived a few days ago. I apologise in advance for my rubbish photography - this is absolutely gorgeous.

You see - I am so lucky to get this - thanks a million Sarah - I will treasure it. I also received a lovely warm and snuggly hand-knitted hat and scarf set from my Auntie ( who is Sarahs nan ) but the photo was very unclear. I think I am going to start an Australia fund so we can get to meet in person one day - wouldn't that be lovely ?

I have also been dabbling in a bit of knitting - aren't these cute ?

They finish about 4 inches square and are knitted on 2 needles. Nice and quick to do now and again - I may have enough to make a blanket in about 5 years time - lol ! If anyone is interested I will post a little tutorial soon - need to translate the instructions in my head onto paper first :-)

In my attempt not to start anything new I am working on a UFO that's been in progress for quite a while. I think the last time I showed this it was like this.

A while back I got it to this stage

and very soon I'll show you how it's looking now - just want to do a bit more first.

I've also been working on one of my hexie quilts - I have 3 in progress !! Please don't ever let me start another - lol ! I enjoy English Paper Piecing but boy - it is labour intensive !

Now I've started this post I realise I have loads more to say but time is running out - and my back is saying enough - so that will have to keep til next time

take care xxxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Still here !!

Seeing as this is a quilting blog and a slipped disc and quilting are not good friends you will see why I have been so quiet. I have been doing some hand work - bit of hexie stitching and a bit of knitting and crochet but nothing really to show.. The pain in my back is improving slightly - I am on new tablets and they seem to be helping. The trick is to strike a balance - rest too much and my back seizes up - move about too much and I'm sore - lol ! Sorry I have not replied to all your good wishes but sitting on a computer chair has been a no-no !

Anyway enough moaning - I have managed to finish my little quilt for Kates swap but I won't show it quite yet. I can say it came out nice and my DD Jess has asked me to make her one too as she loves it. She wants to put it on her wall. Seeing as she usually calls me sad for hanging little quilts this is quite a breakthrough - lol !

I decided to work on a UFO as it mainly involved unpicking as opposed to sewing. I made this over 3 years ago - I think it is one of the first things I showed on my blog.

I was enjoying working on it until I added those black thin borders and then I stalled completely. I just couldn't decide what to do with it next. I think the black killed it although it seemed like a good idea at the time. I have pulled it out loads of times and pondered over it and then put it away again. The little log cabin blocks are 4 inches finished. This picture actually makes it look better than it was - in real life the black is much more overpowering.

So I got busy with my seam ripper and replaced the back strips with a nice yellow. While I was at it I took off a row of blocks top and bottom as it seemed a bit of a funny shape. I had never been able to find anything I liked for an outer border but a fabric I recently bought very cheaply seemed to fit the bill. Here it is

I like it much better. I am not up to basting it yet - don't think my back can take it but I'm pleased with it now. I may take it to my sewing group next week and bribe some-one to pin baste it for me :-)

I did some cutting out today so I'm ready to sew when I'm able. I couldn't resist chancing a bit of machine sewing. Heres a picture for you Dawn.

We are both making the same quilt verrrrry slowly. This is my second block - 23 to go.

I have done quite a bit of fabric buying lately so I am now trying to ease off a bit. Lets see how that goes.....

Will try and not leave it so long next time xxx