Friday, 18 February 2011

Simple is good.

No I haven't forgotten my blog- just I am still having nerve trouble with my wretched leg. It is getting sooo painful now nearly all day long. At the moment I can stand or lie down ( quite uncomfortable ) but am literally unable to sit- at all !! If it can be done standing or lying then great I'm fine but sitting is out of the equation. I am awaiting physiotherapy but my doctor has told me there is a 3 month wait for that. Last week I was sent for x-rays just to make sure it is nothing worse than a trapped nerve. My husband had to drive me to the hospital while I gritted my teeth and slumped in the passenger seat.

About 2 minutes from the hospital my mobile phone rang. It was my son Patricks school to say he had been involved in an accident at lunchtime. He was fine but was missing a couple of teeth !!!! Whaaaaattt ???? Apparently he had been drinking a can of Pepsi and another boy had killed a ball at him ( completely by accident ) the ball hit the can - the can hit Patricks mouth with some force and this is the result.

An emergency trip to the dentist for a lovely session of root canal work. Because the teeth snapped at gum line my dentist believes the roots will be strong but obviously he will have to have work to build up on what he's got. I'm completely gutted as of course they are his adult teeth and he hasn't had them long. I have always nagged both my kids to clean and look after their teeth - they will thank me in the long run. All those times they used to say they were too tired to do them at night and would give them an extra clean in the morning just didn't wash with me !! Anyway with a bit of luck Patrick will be happy with his false ones and it could have been a lot worse.

After all the drama - I cancelled the x-ray that day and went the next - I was really in the mood for some nice stress-free simple sewing. My friends little boy was having his second birthday the week after and I decided to make him a quilt for his new big-boy bed.

I started with a few I-spy squares that I had cut out a while ago.

There are 20 here but I managed to find another 4 for a 4 by 6 layout.
His bedroom has just been re-decorated in red and blue so I picked some nice bright ones from my stash to frame each block. I also used a bit of this for the inner border.

If you can't see the selvedge it is marked 2003. this pre-dates my quilting days as I think I started the following year. This is probably one of the first fabrics I bought then.
Here is a close-up of some of the fabrics

And here is the finished quilt.

It turned out good and even the quilting went well. Straight line quilting in the blocks and a swirly border. Isn't it nice when it all works out fine with no hiccups ( or hiccoughs - lol ). This quilt was very well received by young Ewan and his parents. I hope he has fun with it - spotting all the different things.
One last thing - whilst sorting out my photos I came across this picture that I don't think I've shown. It was an orphan block that I quilted and made into a cushion as a gift for an elderly couple that DH Jason has as his customers. He took it to them for Christmas and it has pride of place on their sofa I believe.

Well off to pop a few more pills - I am so trying not to moan about all this and I'm sure once I get moving on the physio I will see some improvement There are a lot of folk far worse off than me. I have also ordered a DVD from Amazon called Pilates for people with Back Pain. I'll give that a go too.
I also have something else to show you but have no photos yet so that will be for next time.
Bye for now xxx