Sunday, 15 September 2013

Happy Birthday

Not mine - but my amazing daughter Jess. I can hardly believe I have a 23 year old.
I have been working hard to complete this crocheted blanket for her and just about got it done. She knew I was making it and had seen it in various stages. But she had not seen it for a while as I was only working on it when she wasn't here. She loves it and I am very relieved to have it finished - it's a big heavy thing. Will hopefully get a proper photo of it soon.
I am so much into crochet at the moment although I have been doing a little on some UFO quilting projects.
And should have more time for proper blogging soon - life has been a bit overwhelming lately but times they-are-a-changing and for the better.
Thanks for sticking with me - so behind on emails too. Will I ever catch up ?
Take care x