Saturday, 21 January 2012

This and That

Yes I know it's about time I blogged - should try harder.  Been doing lots of stitching but have had no motivation to get on my computer and post.  This may be a long one - you have been warned......

I won't show you everything I've been doing - will save a bit for again.  But for now here goes

You may remember these

leftovers from a quilt top I made several years ago.

They turned into these

Which eventually ended up as this.

And a close-up.

There is a bit of a funny story about this.  My Mum had asked me to make a quilt for a Christmas gift for my Dad's sister and her husband,  I asked what sort of design and colours etc and Mum left it to me - the only info I got was that her living room ( as this is sofa size ) was quite neutral with creams, tans, browns etc.  So I got making this.  When finished I took it to Mum and she liked it so much she didn't want to give it away so ended up buying it for herself and getting my Auntie something else - lol !  Love it...

It was snowing the day we took it to Mums and I got a very rare snap of  DD Jess ( too cold to take her hat off ).

I have another couple of finishes for last year but have just realised I have no good photos of them yet.  Will do that next time.

Seeing as it is a New Year and all my UFO's are done ( lololol - I wish !!! ) Don't even want to count them.  Anyway when I saw this Quilt-a-long I knew I would have to join in.  I decided to try and tempt Karol-Ann into it and although she put up a token amount of resistence she quickly joined in.  Go see her lovely blocks.

Instead of going with my normal scrappy I decided to have a colour scheme going on with this and was inspired by a small bundle of FQ's I bought last year.  I am picking colours out from this fabric.

I have also had fun going through my stash and seeing what else "goes with "

Here are two

And two more with background fabric added.

I went to Abakhan Fabrics and bought a great piece of pale mustardy yellow to use as background but when it came down to it - it just seemed a bit flat.  I was just sorting through my neutrals to see what else I could use and this pinky/bluey mottled stuff was in the wrong drawer.  I took it out to put back with the pinks and just quickly placed a block next to it and whaddya know - a winner - lol !!

Last night I got a bit more prep done

should be good for the weekend.

I have had a lot of headaches this week so once I come off here I'm going to have a nice cup of tea and do some relaxing hand-sewing.  Should be filing our Tax Returns really but not much fun in that is there ?

Yesterday was so wet and dark that I decided I needed to brighten up my day a little and knocked up a couple of these - rainbow pincushions.

I did the ROYGBIV thing but needed 1 more colour to make up the 8 segments so added the pink.  These are BIG - about 7 inches across as that is just what I wanted.  Later tonight I will probably sort out my pins - flower head - applique - glass head etc and put them all in the different sections - yes I am that sad - haha ! Will be nice to have them all in one place.  I will give one to my friend on Tuesday at our sewing group.

Just one more photo for you cat-lovers.  A rare snap of all three of my babies altogether.  They all get on fine but tend to like their own space so I love this photo.

Have a nice weekend everyone xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A quilt for Isla

My friend Bren is raffling a beautiful quilt in aid of this young lady.

Please go to to read all about it and see if you would like to help.

Back soon xxx