Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Stitchers Angel

OK - I didn't mean to fall off the radar but life is busy-busy just now. I have some quilting to show but for now I just want to say a big thankyou to lovely Annette for my stitchers angel parcel.

It took it's time getting here but was absolutely worth the wait. Everything is beautifully stitched and wonderful. Pictures -

Aren't I lucky ? I have thanked Annette personally last week just not got round to posting here. Thanks again - I will use these often I'm sure.

My swap package went to Margy and she thanked me and also bought some tickets for our raffle quilt which was a lovely gesture I thought. Thanks !!

My SSCS is on it's long journey but no pictures of that as you all know. The big question is when my pressie arrives will I be able to resist opening it til Christmas day - I wouldn't place bets on it - lol !

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Raffle Quilt

This is a bit of a different kind of post and I hope I don't upset anyone by doing this. I'll tell you the background first.

My daughter Jess is 19 and attends a local college doing Beauty therapy and massage. She is into her third year and doing well and really enjoying it. She recently came home VERY excited with some great news. She has been chosen to attend a college trip to AFRICA. Her and her team members will be helping out at local schools in deprived areas, visiting a shanty town and also an Aids orphanage (terribly sad ). They will also have educational trips to museums and things as well as possibly a days safari. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and she is so keen to go. The college is buying several hundred pounds worth of educational books for them to take. We attended a parents evening on Tuesday and saw footage of what they will be doing etc. Quite harrowing in places but amazing too.

The proviso of this trip is that they must fund-raise the money themselves - a cost of £1200. We as parents are not allowed to give them money towards it. It is down to themselves to really get into this and come up with the cash.

So far Jess is doing well. She got up really early ( 5am ) on her days off a few weekends ago to do carboot sales. She came home freezing and tired but very pleased with her takings.

Last Friday was hilarious as she did a sponsored silence - from the moment she got up til she went to bed. Now if you knew Jess you would think this was virtually impossible as she is very lively and loves to chatter. But she did it bless her and now is collecting her money from that. We all had such a laugh as she mimed what she wanted to say - lol ! Of course half the time she couldn't get her point across as we just didn't get it. She spent a lot of the day banging her hand on her forehead but didn't utter a word. Well done girl... She has other events and things planned too.

Anyway a few nights ago she turned to me and said " Do you have a quilt we could raffle Mum ?"

As we all know it is quite hard to part with our quilts but as this is a good cause I have decided to do it. I actually finished this one a couple of weeks back but hadn't got round to showing it yet

So if you would like to own this here is the plan. Each ticket will cost £2 and every penny will go straight to Jess's fund - I can assure you this will all be done properly.

I have set up a paypal account and special email address for Jess just for this purpose. I thought if anyone would like a chance to win this here's the plan

1. Send an email to this address with the number of "tickets" you would like - ( one would be fantastic ). Please include your full name and email address.

2. Myself or Jess will then send a paypal request for the money.

3. Once this has been done I will allocate a number to each ticket and keep them on a database. I'm sure you understand it will not be feasible to send out tickets.

4. On December 1st Jess will ask one of her college tutors to draw a number and I will then contact the winner and will mail this anywhere in the world.

I should tell you a little about the quilt.

It is my own design and typical me - scrappy style. All best quality quilt fabrics and backed with a tawny colour polar fleece - very snuggly. It measures 58inches by 70 inches approx. Pieced and quilted by machine.

If you would be so kind as to spread the word about this and post on your blog I will be doing a little giveaway too. Perhaps 8 fat quarters in the colour fabrics of your choice. If you do mention us on your blog please leave a comment on this post and it will make my life a little easier - lol !

All support greatly welcomed. And again I hope this is okay with everyone for doing this. Thankyou xx