Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Baby Steps

Thats what I'm taking on my sewing machine. Don't want to overdo it. So I started a baby quilt for my neighbour a couple of weeks ago and just did bits at a time. I had it layered up and ready to quilt. On Sunday I decided to start the quilting - a simple machine stipple. Because it was small it was done in no time - after a few tension issues - grrr !! I got binding on and sat on Sunday evening hand sewing it down. Very pleased with myself as the baby wasn't due until October 14th.

Funnily enough the next day we got news that little Millie had arrived the day before surprising everyone being 3 weeks early. How funny is that ? Seems I wasn't early but bang on time - lol ! I popped round earlier today to give her mum the quilt and she was delighted with it. Sometimes you don't know if a quilt will be appreciated or not do you ? She really seemed to love it and although I'd told her I made quilts I don't think she'd seen any I've made. Anyway here it is

I love pastel colours and had fun choosing these fabrics.

First finish I've had in ages - hurray !! I would quite like to make a bigger version of this in Autumn colours but am trying not to start anything else - maybe next year.

I'll tell you more about my tension issues next post as it's getting late - lets just say I had a dash to a quilt shop for thread and whilst I was there grabbed these fabrics.

Later on that evening ( about 6 hours later ) I remembered I was supposed to be on a fabric diet - lol ! Knew it wouldn't last.
See you soon xx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Don't faint !

Hello I am Andrea and I am a Quilter - lol.

You may be forgiven for not believing that statement due to the content of my blog recently. You may be aware I have been having terrible problems with my back - to cut a long story short it is apparently chronic sciatica nerve damage. Sounds impressive huh ? Anyway the pain has now moved from my lower back to my left leg - lol ! Which although not ideal is far less debillitating than the pain in my back. I am much more mobile, in less pain and more importantly have been able to use my sewing machine - hurray !!!

I have a free-ish day today and have big plans to sew some more. A neighbour is heavily pregnant ( due in a couple of weeks ) and I have it on good authority that she is expecting a girl. I have had a ton of ideas swimming round up top and off I trekked to my pretty pastels - lots of half-square triangles made.

I will show you progress soon but for now here is what I did with the off-cuts -

The whole thing measures 6 by 8 inches so really bitty bits - I normally throw them but because I was so chuffed to use my machine had some fun with these. DH Jason was very impressed - lol.

I also have started another charm quilt - more hexagons I'm afraid - why didn't anyone stop me !! Just been going through my stash and cutting ONE piece from each fabric and turning them into a hexie. Here's what 400 look like. Pictured next to my last charm quilt - 3D hexagons whish just happened to be on the end of my bed.

and here's the next batch ready - about 200 I think.

Much deliberating how I'm going to sew these together but just enjoying basting them for now. As the dark nights are drawing in ( much to my delight - I love Autumn and Winter ) I will have plenty of time to slowly work on these.

And talking of time something happened this week that will free me up A LOT. DH Jason has passed his driving test at the ripe old age of 38. It was his first attempt but boy was he dragging his heels to actually go for it. I have been driving him round for work for 2 years and it is a lovely feeling to see him toddle off by himself to his jobs. I feel like waving a flag every time I see him go - haha ! Well done love - about bl**dy time !!! More quilting time for me...

Sure I have more news but I am anxious to sew - just waiting to hang out some washing and I'll be away.

Thanks for your lovely comments and emails - I have managed to keep up my blog reading via Patricks iPod but haven't been on my pc to leave comments as it was too painful to sit on my chair. Hopefully things will improve in that department too - fingers crossed xxxxx