Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Sewing.

I am doing a fair bit of sewing but not so much blogging. Hopefully I will catch up eventually. I can hardly believe this but I have the next 2 WHOLE days to myself as DH and DS are going on a fishing trip up the coast. I have greatly encouraged this - purely in their interests of course - lol ! They are going to the beautiful island of Anglesey ( home to Prince William and Kate ). DD Jess will hardly be here as she is working lots of hours in her job so I have STACKS of time to sew. It is hot here just now so I will be firing up my fan and sewing like a madwoman - yeeha !!

It seems at the moment I have 10 million projects on the go but I am going to concentrate on something in particular. Jess is going to a christening at the end of August and has asked me to make a quilt as a gift - - - - for each baby - - - - - that's right - - twins !!!

I have never before made quilts for twins and so I thought the simplest thing is to make 2 the same but put their names on them ( btw - both are girls ) . I spent nearly four hours the other day cutting out 2.5 by 4.5 inch bricks in BRIGHT colours as requested by Jess.

I am calling them rainbow quilts and here's where I'm up to.....

I am adding 4 rows to each quilt at a time so as not to get too confused. I have drawn up a diagram ( very unlike me ) and following it as I sew. With a bit of luck I will get the main bits done over the next couple of days and then add names and applique. I have the perfect binding for these and am sure I will get them done in time.

I realised I haven't shown you another baby quilt that was recently completed. This quilt practically made itself as the half square tris were already made for something else ( which I changed my mind over half way through ) and so the pinwheel blocks went together really quickly. Once the top was done I searched my stash for backing and found a piece of baby blue fleece in just the right size. And once quilted I had a gander in my extra bit of binding tin and found a great big piece in a lovely matching blue - serendipity - lol !

Here it is - simple but sweet.

I am so over making baby quilts for a while - although 2 friends have recently become pregnant - and you know what that means ???

I leave you with a picture of some of the most important men in my life. My fantastic nephew Jamie just graduated and we are all very proud of him. Obviously thats him in the middle with my DH on the left and my Dear Dad on the right. Well done Jamie - all he needs to do now is find a job - which in todays situation here could prove a bit of a challenge - he is very keen to earn some money - lol !

One more sleep and my sewing marathon will begin.

Take carexx