Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Hello again !

Well then - what have I been up to ? My jelly roll has well and truly been chopped up and with a bit of calculation I decided to make 30 blocks and set them 5 by 6 with sashing. Along with borders I figured this would be a good size quilt.

I have mentioned the lady who comes to my quilting group sometimes to sell her fabrics. She does not have a shop but attends shows, groups, quilters guild days etc and she has a huge supply of fabrics. She makes gorgeous quilts herself and is an absolute fountain of knowledge. I recently bought some fabric for a little quilt I made ( must remember to take a photo of that one ) This was from a Moda charm pack and I had a bit of trouble finding something for the border. My lovely fabric lady remarked that Moda fabrics quite often only seem to go with other Moda fabrics as they are quite distinctive.

Anyway whilst rooting about through my stash to make sashings for my jelly roll blocks I found 2 fabrics that I liked and wouldn't you know - they were both Moda designs - lol !

I started my sashings and realised after a time that I was going to run out of one of them -the one I posted a short while ago. Well I had no luck getting hold of any more so after a few days of moaning and groaning decided to just add a different fabric around the outer sashing strips - so thats what I did. I remembered seeing something that would work at my local fabric warehouse - Abakhan and went to get some. And you've guessed it - it was another Moda one.

So here is where I'm up to

The different sashing fabric

If you click on this you should see the difference. It is quite a bit more noticeable in real life but I think it adds character :-)

I'm having a rest from this for now before I start piecing the leftover squares together for a border. I've been working on a UFO and once that is done I plan to tackle another.

My shoulder is still hurting and I had my first physio session last week. She thinks I may have tendon and muscle damage and has worked out a program for me. She said it could have been coming on for years and for one horrible moment I thought she was going to tell me to give up sewing and quilting. Can you imagine ? Ugh doesn't bear thinking about.... She has told me instead not to overdo things and to stop whatever I'm doing if it becomes painful.

For a long time I have been patiently waiting for a book to be published. Once it was though I had a terrible job getting hold of it - everywhere in UK seemed to be out of stock. So I ordered from US instead and the estimated arrival time was 18-32 days. How would I last out ? But it came in just 9.... and here it is alongside some fabrics I am thinking of using. Just thinking mind . . may all change. I was inspired by Anne Ida who has made this and whose beautiful quilt is featured in the book. What do you think Anne Ida ? Can you imagine the quilt made in these fabrics ?

One last thing. I have been doing a little cross stitch and am enjoying the change. Will show you pictures next post...
Bye for now - will try not to take so long to post next time.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


A few people ( including Charlie ) have asked me for measurements for the block I'm making with my jelly roll. So here they are

The 13 coloured squares are cut 2.5 inches square - these are from the jelly roll. From the background fabric cut 2 and 1/4 inch squares - cut once diagonally - for the corner triangles. And 4 inch squares cut twice diagonally for the side triangles.

I have found if you join these in rows and press towards the middle fabric ( 4 squares ) and press towards the background fabric it all joins together nicely.

I have done a few more blocks today and am very pleased with how it's looking. I have done enough sewing for today though - my shoulder is telling me so. I have a bit of reading matter for tonight. Ailsa alerted me to this new magazine which I got today and the book is one I've borrowed from a lady at my quilt group.

This is just a quick post but I was wondering if anyone had this in their stash.

I would like a yard really and will buy or trade. It is a Moda fabric called Bittersweet and Boo by Sandy Gervais. I have been searching for it for a few days with no luck. I may post an ad on http://www.missingfabrics.com/ if I get chance.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Jelly Roll. .

First off thanks for all the lovely comments for my giveaway. I saved all comments and emails and asked Jason to pick a number - he chose 22 - my birthday and this turned out to be the lovely Loulee. Please send your address and I will post the prize to you. Just for fun I had a try to roll it up like a proper jelly roll.

Not too bad but wouldn't like to do it very often - lol !!

And as promised a quick look at what I'm doing with my "real" jelly roll. If you've been reading my blog for long you may recall the story of the quilt I sold but didn't really want to. This tale of woe is here.
So for a long time I have wanted to make a similar quilt and decided to cut into my strips. Here are my first 6 blocks.

Now because they are all from one range of fabric - Gypsy Rose by Moda - they are all a bit mitchy-matchy and I am hatching a plan to bring them to life. Who knows if it will turn out or not - watch this space - I may need some opinions.

Take care xx