Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ok - I've been doing a bit of this and that. Some knitting on an old project - I will show you when that's done. Some new knitting too - a couple more teacosies

I've also dug up my blue hexagons. I really, really want this done. It is a bit small and I want to make it bigger but I am NOT making more hexagons for this. So I am going to applique the edges onto some border fabric.

Can you see I am trying to fill in the top and bottom edges to straighten it up a bit.

This seems to be taking ages but I'm almost ready to cut border fabrics. With a bit of a push I will be ready to quilt this before long. I love hand-quilting and I know this would look great done this way but I think I will just do some very simple machine quilting to get it done.

I am also working on my scrap quilt but will show you that in my next post.
I dragged Jason to a quilt shop yesterday about 35miles away from my home. I promised him a pub lunch as a temptation. He is always up for a feed so I knew that would do it. We did indeed have a really good lunch and the quilt shop was wonderful. You know when you could just keep buying and buying ? I did get a few little pretties but could have got SO much more. But I am trying to stash bust so was quite restrained.

And thanks for all your lovely messages about Joan. We all know what it is like to lose a friend and it is difficult. I went back to quilters on Tuesday and it just won't be the same without her. I will miss her enormously and my thoughts are with her family ( who I feel I know personally through Joans stories ). Sadly she was working on a beautiful blue and cream log cabin quilt that was almost ready for quilting. Her sister also quilts so I am thinking she may finish it for her.

Take care xxx

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Back soon

Not a good week. You may know I go to a small quilting group every week. There are only about 20 of us on a full night and as such we are very close. A few days ago I lost a good friend from my group. For the last 6 years I have sat next to Joan and we have put the world to rights over a cup of tea. She had a few health problems so it was not totally unexpected but still came as a shock when I knew she had passed away. She was over 30 years older than me but we all know age is just a number right ? I will say goodbye to her at her funeral tomorrow and will miss her a lot - she was a truly lovely person and we had so much besides quilting in common. This has took the wind out of my sails so I may be a bit quiet for a while - not too long though - a bit of quilt therapy may be just the thing.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Done, done, done !

Hurray - my Mariners Compass is completely finished ( well except for a hanging sleeve ) and here it is.

Paper pieced star and all hand-quilted. I went with the very dark brown from the second border for the binding as it seemed to look the best. I think these photos should click for a close-up.

I feel very pleased with myself that it did not become a UFO like so many other things I start. I get back to them all eventually but this one was worked on from start to finish. Don't do that too often these days.

I worked on the quilting in the evenings whilst DH was watching TV so now I am casting my mind around for something else to do. Like so many of you my hands have to be moving - lol ! I think I know what will be worked on next - a UFO quite a while in the making. Just got to remember where it is !

I am still cutting scraps and have started sewing them together. This is my daytime project for when I have a bit of time. I very rarely machine sew at night - do you ?

Take care xxx