Wednesday, 10 June 2009


A few people ( including Charlie ) have asked me for measurements for the block I'm making with my jelly roll. So here they are

The 13 coloured squares are cut 2.5 inches square - these are from the jelly roll. From the background fabric cut 2 and 1/4 inch squares - cut once diagonally - for the corner triangles. And 4 inch squares cut twice diagonally for the side triangles.

I have found if you join these in rows and press towards the middle fabric ( 4 squares ) and press towards the background fabric it all joins together nicely.

I have done a few more blocks today and am very pleased with how it's looking. I have done enough sewing for today though - my shoulder is telling me so. I have a bit of reading matter for tonight. Ailsa alerted me to this new magazine which I got today and the book is one I've borrowed from a lady at my quilt group.

This is just a quick post but I was wondering if anyone had this in their stash.

I would like a yard really and will buy or trade. It is a Moda fabric called Bittersweet and Boo by Sandy Gervais. I have been searching for it for a few days with no luck. I may post an ad on if I get chance.

Bye for now.


Rhonda said...

I like the block you're making from your jelly roll fabrics. Sorry, I can't help with the Bittersweet fabric.
Take care.

A Time for Stitching said...

Thanks for the measurements. A simple design but very effective. Would help with fabric if I could, sorry. Might buy that patchwork mag if I get anywhere near a stockist anytime soon - (unlikely though)!

Sarah said...

Lovely Block Andrea! The quilt is going to looks just beautiful!
x Sarah
PS: I hope you find that fabric!

*karendianne. said...

I hope you found what you were looking for. I like the block, always have enjoyed that one, and I'm just passing through... Thought I'd let you know! Thinking of you, *karendianne.

KeenKountryKreations said...

You can purchase the Bittersweet and Boo fabric here -

I have 12 panels from the line and have also been looking for the complimentary fabrics.

Good luck!!

Jacquie Keen
Keen Kountry Kreations