Thursday, 14 June 2007

Tulip Tango !

I have had a week where my time is not my own - I'm sure you know how it is ! My dh is currently waiting to start a new job after his last employer ceased trading so is - unfortunately under my feet all the time. He keeps insisting I will miss him when he returns to work in the next week or so but I know differently- lol ! Anyway today was a free day and I needed to sew !!

Earlier this year I did a signature block swap on the Dear Jane list that I'm on. It was the first time I'd participated as I joined the list too late last year. It was great fun and the blocks I got back were amazing..It was like christmas and my birthday rolled into one when I received my pack of blocks. Anyway some of the ladies on the list made one block different from the others and that was called their " special siggie ". I was so excited when fondling my blocks to discover some-ones special block. The lady was from Oregon and she sent me something really lovely. She said she had searched for something that represented Oregon and the gift was 4 fat eigths and a pattern. All I needed was to add a background fabric.

I decided to use a black fabric with a tiny pink flower as it matched nicely with the hot pink and orange fabrics.

So after doing the bare minimum - and resolutely ignoring the dust I set to. I was determined to finish this today. I gave my family their evening meal early so I could get it quilted and bound. In fact they ate so early they'll be rooting through the cupboards anytime now for snacks but ha - I'm not bothered. All I have to do it slip stitch the binding on the back - I absolutely LOVE binding and I'm done. Just have to find an uncluttered place to put it !! Could be easier said than done..


swooze said...

How pretty. It turned out great!

Saphirz (My chat name) said...

I so love the colors you have used in this. It looks so good!

Quilt crazy said...

Love the colors! Great project!