Thursday, 7 June 2007

Dear Jane Quilt !

About April last year I bought the Dear Jane book and decided to dive right in. After a lot of thought I chose to do it in 1930's reproduction fabrics and then went on a buying spree to get as many different fabrics as I could. They were quite hard to find as we don't have a brilliant selection of these in our quilt shops. I bought some from ebay, had some shipped from USA, bought some at a show and a lovely lady on the Dear Jane list sent me some pieces she had gotten from a swap. I started off and although the pieces were small I really enjoyed making them. In between other projects I would go back to it. I always knew this was a long term project. After a while though I couldn't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for making any more blocks. It took me a while to realise that the reason I had stopped working on them was because deep down I was wishing I had chosen a different colour scheme. The blocks I had made were really pretty and fresh looking - I had seen pictures of DJ quilts made from similar fabrics and they were stunning. BUT I wasn't happy !!

I think I had made just over 6o blocks and so decided to cut my losses and not exactly abandon the quilt but to use the completed blocks to make a smaller quilt. I made hour glass blocks with some of the 30's fabrics and set them alternately with the DJ blocks. Thats as far as I've got. I need to get borders on it and that is one of the things I will try and get done soon. I will post a picture of it tomorrow .

And by the way - I have started my new DJ quilt. I have done 8 blocks so far.. I really wanted to do this one in a trip around the world setting as the original quilt does so thats what I'm doing. Each "round" will be in the same 2 fabrics - quite dark subtle colours. I like it so far !

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