Sunday, 24 June 2007

Bucket Bag Tote - part 2

Next I will show you how I made the handles. I'm sure you all have different methods but this one was a new one to me and is quite nice to do.

First decide how long you want your handles - I like mine fairly long. Cut 2 strips of wadding 1.25 inches wide by the length you want - mine are 35 inches long.

Next choose 2 fabrics that contrast well. Cut one 1.25 by 35 inches and the other 2.5 by 35 inches.( or the length of your handles )

Lay your wadding strip down and place the smaller strip on top - right side up. Next lay the wider strip on top - right side facing down - level with one edge of wadding and smaller strip.

Sew along this edge - bottom edge in photo.

Now you will need something to pull handle through to right side when it is sewn. I use a strip of the selvedge. Make sure it is quite a bit longer than the handle length. Fold back the smaller strip from the edge you have sewn and lay this pulling through strip along the length. You can also use ribbon or piping cord.

Now place the unsewn edge of the wider strip level with the unsewn edge of the smaller strip and wadding and pin - making sure the pulling through cord is not in the way. Sew along this edge. Make sure the pulling through cord sticks out of both ends.

Stitch along one of the top edges with a small stitch enclosing the end of the pulling through cord.

Now pull through using the cord to the right side !

Roll the edges a little to get them nice and even. You could sew a line of stitching along each seam if you want or lightly press with a bit of steam to make them flat.

Clear as mud ? I hope not ! Will try to get a bit more done later or tomorrow.


Karol-Ann said...

I should be doing this along with you, then not only would I be able to figure it out, I'd have a bag at the end of it!

swooze said...

Great! Thanks!