Saturday, 9 June 2007

Dear Jane blocks

Here are the DJ blocks I have made so far for my second DJ quilt.. I dug out the 1930's DJ I was talking about in my other post but it is badly in need of pressing as it's been folded up for a while. Cannot be bothered getting out my iron now as I'm only just cooling down after a very hot busy day !! I know many people will consider me a killjoy but I hate summer !! I know - most people think I'm mad but I really cannot bear being hot....Roll on the dark nights and frosty mornings - thats my idea of good weather. I love autumn !!

The close-up of the single block is the one I finished about an hour ago...I was so pleased with it until I came to tick it off on my list. I am doing each "round" in a different fabric as you see in the other picture. You guessed it - it's not on my list... I bought the DJ software a couple of weeks ago and printed out some blocks for paper-piecing.. Must have printed out the wrong one for this colourway...It doesn't matter so much - I will just swap it for it's next door neighbour. Doubt anyone will notice but me anyway. This "round" has 24 blocks so I'm almost halfway there. Then will decide on next colour ! I think I'm enjoying working this way. On my last DJ I took so long picking a colour for each block trying to spread out the colours evenly it drove me crackers - lol !

Here also is a photo of one of the sisters choice quilts I've made using Bonnies pattern at Quiltville. I made this one to be raffled by our local cat rescue centre. I sent a photo to Bonnie and she published it on her site... I was chuffed - as we say round here. (delighted).


anne bebbington said...

I really love the idea of working each round of your DJ in a different colourway. I have the book and looked through it longingly with all good intentions lots of times since I bought it a couple of years ago but I don't know if I'll ever have the stamina to give it a go - I get easily fed up of projects part way through - maybe I should do a mini DJ with just a selection of blocks to start me off

Kathy Wagner said...

Wonderful Dear Jane blocks you've made! Thanks for showing all these photos of your work!

Jillaine Smith said...

four years later... found your blog and specifically about your version of Dear Jane done in colo[u]r rounds. I've just purchased the book, and am mulling over how exactly I want to do the quilt.

Curious to know what progress you've made on this. Would love to see updated photos.

In the meantime, hope your sciatica is improving. I've had minor sciatica that was thankfully handled by chiropractic but I know some sciatica isn't so easily handled. I wish you well.

-- Jillaine Smith
outside of washington DC usa