Thursday, 31 May 2007

Bits and pieces

I've added another border using those scraps I showed last time. I still have a few left so may still make that strippy quilt that Dawn suggested !! These little 4 inch borders took a looong time to make. Because I'd just cut those strips freehand I paper pieced the border strips and whilst doing them had a little slip with the rotary cutter - nice lump of skin missing from my finger. I've never done that before and although it wasn't bad it certainly brought tears to my eyes - ouch !!

Anyway I had a couple of hours free today so managed to get them finished.. For the next border I'm torn between flying geese using just those 2 Ebay fabrics or just a chunky piano key border. I think I'll go with the second idea for a few reasons - the flying geese may be just too busy and the piano key will be easier and won't require me to make complicated calculations - lol. This quilt is a bit of an odd size and I can't be bothered working out sizes and then having it not fit. Can you guess this has happened to me before !!!

The pictures are a bit dark I think. The small outer black strip just blends in with my dark blue carpet. Never mind - I may get better at this !

I'll also introduce you to one of my cats. This one is Tizer - he's the youngest one. He is just a year old and is so naughty !! He's having his afternoon doze on my thousand pyramid quilt I made a couple of years ago...We have 2 more cats who will no doubt be making an appearance soon....


anne bebbington said...

Hi Andrea - thanks for dropping by and posting a comment on my blog - I love your log cabin quilts - never had the patience to do a whole one never mind two

tami said...

Hi Andrea, I just stumbled over here following a comment you left on someone else's blog. Very nice work. I love a log cabin and the piano key border really compliments it.
Very cute kitty. Pop over to my blog and see pictures of my 2 kitties.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I love how the log cabin is coming along. I was going to ask if it really needs another border, but then I see that you need to make it bigger.