Sunday, 27 May 2007

Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend !

It seems to me that every time we have a bank holiday the weather decides to be lousy !! Today we woke up to rain and it didn't stop all day !! Took the time to have a little sort out through my UFO pile. It's a small pile but there's enough unfinished stuff to make me twitchy ! I didn't actually do any quilting but have dug out my next half-done quilt to work on.
It's only going to be a smallish quilt - another log cabin done in Mary Engelbreit fabrics. Bought a sample pack from Ebay last year and just started playing about with it. Mixed it with a white flowery background and off I went. Halfway through making the blocks started thinking about borders.
Knew there wouldn't be enough out of the pack left and nothing else I had seemed to go. Never used Mary Engelbreit fabrics before but they didn't match anything I had - too distinctive ! I managed to track 2 of the fabrics I'd used in the blocks on - United States and started bidding. I won the auctions, paid my money and waited. And waited. After a while I emailed the seller and we eventually came to the conclusion that my fabric had gone astray.... I was so disappointed !!
I had ordered fabric from the States many times and this was the first time anything had gone wrong.... After weeks of waiting and no fabric the seller took pity on me and offered to send some more. She didn't have as much as I had originally bid for but I was really grateful all the same.
By the time this second lot arrived however the blocks had been stitched together and were tucked up cosily in a drawer and haven't seen the light of day since... Will try and decide on borders this week and get cracking !!


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I buy most of my fabric from the US too, but from stores, not ebay. I have always had good experiences except for one memorable occasion where I recall naming my blog entry something like "Fabric Arrives for Finished Quilt". Very frustrating. I see from other bloggers that fabric is as expensive in the UK as it is in Australia. Do you have any favourite online stores? I would be happy to compare notes about my faves.

Dawn said...

Oh that is a sad story, but I love your log cabin now!