Saturday, 26 May 2007

2 finishes in a week !!

I have been trying very hard to be a good girl and finish some quilts before I start anything new. Like most quilters I think I have a million ideas buzzing about in my brain and it seems like the next quilt calls to me before the one ( or nine ) I am working on is done ! SO this week I have completed a baby quilt ( from start to finish ! ) and put borders, quilted and bound the second one. The baby quilt is for my daughters teacher whose baby is due next month. My daughter is 16 and has no interest in quilting but she does have a good eye for colour. She chose the fabrics for the baby quilt - 30's repros - very sweet !

The other one I love ! I love log cabin blocks and this one was made to use up some of my ever-multiplying scraps !! The blocks are 4inches and ran up really well. My 10 yo son Patrick had great fun choosing a layout for these and now he is claiming the quilt ! We'll see about that -lol !
Not sure exactly how to get these photos in the order I want them but suppose I'll get better. Going to post this quick before I click on something I shouldn't and lose the lot !! xx


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Good for you to finish some quilts. Finishing is my main problem - starting? No problem! Welcome to blogland.

Dawn said...

Oh I love both! That baby quilt is a very happy quilt! And I love the layout of the log cabin.