Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Scraps again !

I've been decorating my kitchen so not much time to sew and therefore not a lot to blog about. I've been sanding, painting, stripping down cupboards and wallpapering. It's almost done now - just a few finishing touches. So I am itching to stitch.

But first let me show you what I got from my lovely friend Dawn. Remember the quilt I showed you a few posts back from Quilters Newsletter ? Well Dawn has seen the quilt "in the flesh" and sent me some great photos of it. Well the upshot is we are both going to make the quilt and when Dawn knew I was struggling to get some of the poison green fabrics she very kindly bought some for both of us ( I think Dawns friend was sent shopping - lo ) and here's my loot.

They are so beautiful I am going to have a hard job cutting into them. Dawn has made her first block and we are going to take our time with this. I am trying to use what I have but without the poison greens and the chrome yellows I'm sure it wouldn't work as well. Thanks heaps Dawn - there is a little thankyou coming to you soon.

I have been working on my Mariners Compass when I've had the time and energy and the quilting is coming along well. Here is a peak at the border.

I have these templates in various shapes and use them quite a lot.

And lastly the title of my post. I have loads of scraps - absolutely tons of them. ( Don't we all ?) A while back I started cutting then down into useable sizes - 2 inch squares etc. But I have an enormous box of what can only be called strings. Now I didn't want to throw then out. Years ago before I knew better I used to bin them - unbelieveable I know ! Now I've seen the error of my ways and hang onto every crumb. These strings were in a bit of a state - very raggy and yucky - lol ! So I have dug out the box and turning these

and these

into these. A lot of work but I have a plan.

And by the way I do not count this as starting a new quilt as it is only scraps - lol ! I have almost convinced myself this is true - HA !!


Gail said...

Always keeping busy! I know how hard it is to sew, or do much of anything else, when you are re-decorating. My Mom always said it was easier to move than re-decorate, she moved a lot as my Dad was a home builder! Sorry to say I think the strips count as a new project, you might be able to call them an organizing project instead of a sewing project!

wonderwoman said...

there's never enough time is there ! your mariners compass is looking lovely. I don't think the scraps counts as a new project - more a case of recycling!!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Look forward to seeing what you do with your scraps...I love anything that helps keep the mountain to a minimal size.

sewkalico said...

Lovely things on the go. You are very patient to tidy up your scraps like that. I like those wonky log cabins etc where no trimming is required (lazy old me LOL)

Floss said...

Definitely not a new quilt, just tidy up your scraps.
It always nice to redecorate the kitchen, I think thats the room that get the most use.

Rhonda said...

Scraps.......are born and multiply so quickly....that you just can't seem to keep up......You have found a way to at least make them managable.....good for you!
Take care.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Now if only I can get to block 2 also!!!! But boy, I"m glad I"m not redoing my kitchen! I love your strips! "Someday" it will make a great quilt! For once I see beautiful fabrics and I can say I have those too!!!!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I forgot to say that I love that design you are quilting on the border! I've been hand quilting a small wall hanging too. I only have 2 sides of the border left!!!

black bear cabin said...

wow...would you like to work on my scraps next? :)

gamawinkie said...

Sounds like you have been busy! I like re-doing cabinets myself. Congrats!

The Mariner's Compass border is beautiful. You do good work.

Scraps-like rabbits, just multiply. You have just inspired me to do organize mine. Thanks.

quilterfaye said...

Welcome back. You've been missed!Might we see your kitchen when its finished?

Quilter Kathy said...

Definately not a new project...just continuing with some old ones! Love that new quilt you are building...your first block is so awesome I could be tempted to make that quilt too, although that's one heck of a lot of flying geese!

Guðrún said...

No this is not a new project!!!

Anonymous said...

I just recently 'cleaned' my sewing room and my husband carted two garbage bags of scraps to our local thrift shop. They make things out of them and sell what ever they can. it's for charity but i did hate to see all those lovely bits of cloth go someplace else to live!

Libby said...

Of course it doesn't count if it's just scraps! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Linda said...

I am kind of new to the quilting scene but in the few months that I have been doing it much has happened:
*My husband, being unusually supportive, have set me up with a nice sized sewing room down stairs and doesn't quibble over my fabric purchases.
*I have attended on full coarse in beginner quilting and found out what I as doing to screw myself up.
* I have actually completed 6 quilt tops with one quilted and ready to bind but I think I will save that project for something to do while we are driving to Yellowstone next month.
*I pieced a queen size quilt top and will have it machine quilted and give it to a young friend as a wedding gift.
*Last but not least by any means, I have discoved your blog. Great stuff. I am now working on a "Cheating Card Trick" and thinking of trying this "Quilt As You Go" thing. Being retired and living on a budget is making it tough to get these tops made to completion. Maybe I should ask what the draw backs that you mentioned are.

Linda said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that some friends got together to make a friendship quilt for a sick collegue. They decided to do a scrap quilt. I wasn't a part of the group at the time but was shown the finished product before they gave it to this person. As I understand it they all setup around a round table and dumped their collective scrap boxes in the center. They proceed by just grabbing something that caught their eye and sewed it on where ever. In the end the decided what size blocks they wanted and trimmed the assemblage to form the size they wanted. It was sashed and bordered in a plane dark fabric, brown, I think. Finished it looked like stainglass windows. You would be surprised what a tiny piece of bright fabic and do.
God Bless,

Jan Hatchett said...

I have given you and your blog an award. Please stop by my blog to receive it.


Roseanne said...

I would like to now were you got your templates from