Monday, 2 July 2007

Quilt for Millie

Had a lovely few hours on Saturday picking fabrics for my friends little girl Millie. Her birthday is in 2 weeks and she will be 3 years old. She has an older sister Abi who I made a quilt for a couple of years ago and you know the saying - you can't give one without the other !!!!

Seeing as this quilt will get a hammering I decided not to do a really fancy one but something fairly simple and colourful. I pulled these fabrics to have a play with -

I didn't know which of these I would use. After a bit of thinking I decided to make a spiders web block and started cutting strips. I've been doing a lot of hand sewing lately so it was good to give my machine a bit of a work-out ! Plenty of long straight sewing ! I got all my blocks made on Saturday - 12 of them and cut my sashing strips too. Here is one of the blocks -

I have put most of the sashings on and will post a picture when I have the borders on. I think I will back this with fleece and just a quick meander all over should do the job.

My 16 year old daughter Jess is always asking me why I am making YET another quilt and usually my answer is - just because ! She does not have a crafty bone in her body ! She usually just rolls her eyes at me as if I am mad or sad ( or both ). She doesn't get why I love quilting ! Anyway this time when she asked her usual question I had an answer for her - it's for Millie. That stopped her eyes rolling at me.

And here is a picture of my last baby - Marley ! He is 2 years old and honestly no-one will ever love me as much as he does ! He thinks the sun shines out of my backside - lol ! He is the best behaved out of my 3 cats .. He has accepted the younger 2 - after a bit of hissing and letting them know who's the boss ! He was here first !!


Pieces From Me said...

The web block is great. Where did you get the pattern? I have seen it before but can not remember where. Your "baby" looks like a sweetie. It is always nice to have someone think we made the sun come up!

tami said...

That is going to be an adorable quilt. I'm sure Millie will love it.
My DD doesn't get why I quilt either. The most sewing she has ever done was to sew ribbons onto her pointe shoes. We redid her room a few years ago and I offered to make her a quilt for a bedspread. She chose a navy with dusty blue Amish single Irish Chain. Then she says "I don't want any of that stitching all over it though."

Karol-Ann said...

I'm impressed, normally if I only have such a short time, I just quickly sew a few squares together LOL.

That is one cute cat.

swooze said...

Looking forward to the finished quilt!

Floss said...

The block looks great, another pattern I've been meaning to try. I have a long list.

Your kitty looks adorable; mind you I have a soft spot for cats. It’s great when they love you that much.

Norma said...

What a gorgeous block!

Kathy Wagner said...

Great block idea! I'd like to try it in a mini size!