Saturday, 1 August 2009

Back . .

Thanks for all your well wishes - both patients are on the mend. Patrick is still sore and waiting for his stitches to disappear but otherwise fine.

Before I show you my latest project here is a photo of those little hexies from a few posts back.

I was inspired to make this by Pascal . She had a beautiful table runner made and I just fell in love with it. Pascal's was larger and used dresden plate blocks instead but it planted the idea. I decided to use hexagons instead and dipped into my japanese style fabrics. The background grey fabric I had to buy - no grey at all in my stash. The little blocks are 4 inch finished. I hand quilted this and am very pleased with it. It has a new home on my china cabinet and I keep checking that the kids haven't put loads of stuff on it as they have the habit of doing.
I also finished a UFO but have forgotten to take photos of that.

I was itching to sew and after receiving a couple of magazines I decided to start a little something new. I blame the next episode entirely on DH Jason. I was showing him a quilt in one of the mags and mentioned that I really liked it and may start searching for fabrics. It was done in dark, country colours ( which I love ) and Jason said something like - It looks very like a lot of others you have done. He had hit the nail on the head. I do tend to go for these sort of quilts and so I decided to branch out a little and use something different. I was aiming for light and pretty fabrics so pulled these from my stash.

After a time I put together a block. I could just imagine this quilt.

I hated it. Actually this looks a lot better on the screen than in real life. It is so wishy-washy. I just knew that a whole quilt of these would not look how I envisaged it so needed another plan. Trouble was I had already cut 5 million 2 and a quarter inch squares.

After a bit of sulking I made a few of these with some of the fabrics but that wasn't doing it for me either.

Then I decided to add a few marbley type fabrics and began to play. Here's what I'm going with -

After getting this bit done I'm going to add to it with 2 fabrics each time. Here are my next lot ready to go.

I haven't a clue how big this will end up - til either I run out of fabric or momentum - wonder which will be first lol ! I won't use all of the different ones in this.

I am very much enjoying this and in fact it was an effort to pack away and make food for the hoard. I would love to wait til Jason is asleep and have an all-nighter but don't think I could take the pace - lol !

Just off to see if Ellies quilt place BOM is up yet. I'm a bit behind on this but will catch up soon.

Enjoy your weekend.


Gretchen said...

I like your solution! I think the quilt is going to turn out great. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend:)

Anonymous said...

That final design looks great!! I also am drawn to darker colors and have a difficult time when I need to use up my brighter or pastal fabrics. Great solution!!

Gene Black said...

Wow.. I liked them all, but the final one is divine. The look of being woven and made of watercolor makes it so beautiful.

Great design work! I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Lindah said...

Oh, that really sparkles! I'm not a pastel person either, but you came up with a design that really works. Something about an on point setting that adds punch/sparkle to a design. Have fun with it!

loulee said...

I love it, looks a little like a trip around the world.

Gina said...

Well done for choosing different colours. I tend to stick with my 'safe' clours aswell. I really should start branching out a bit.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that every1 is on the mend. That quilt is going to look great. I like your idea. Don't forget to take pictures

sewkalico said...

Glad to hear you are all feeling better. I must just say I like the wishy washy block, but then I would LOL

Guðrún said...

I agree the first block is wishy washy. Your latest solution is great.

Teresa said...

So good to hear Patrick is doing well. Please keep us posted on his progress.

I like your design process.

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh...I went back and read again to see who the other patient was and had totally missed that Jason was hurt too. You have sure had your hands full, and with a sore shoulder to boot.

Floss said...

With plans like that I don't know why our quilts end up bigger than we think. I like how the final one is coming along.

Betweens said...

hey Andrea.. your pattern is starting to look like the Boston Common pattern. I know how difficult it is to step outta the box. I have been trying to pick more of the Primitive colors for my quilts and you really have to train your mind.
It looks like a wonderful start to a new adventure though don't stop!!