Saturday, 16 February 2008

It's arrived !

Just a very quick post to let you know that my 4 Seasons Swap quilt has arrived... It took 2 weeks to get here and I was getting a bit anxious.

Isn't it the cutest thing ?? I love it !! When I saw it in progress on Emily's blog I thought it was great and never imagined it would be coming to me. Emily said it was a steep learning curve for her but she did a wonderful job. It is so quirky and fun and even got the approval of Jess who at 17 thinks nothing I do is cool - lol !! Patrick loved it too. Thanks Emily - it is perfect !!

I also got the cutest little tissue holder too that Emily made me but I haven't a photo of that.

This is the first swap I've done and I loved it and will certainly sign up for the next one. Many thanks to Margaret for organising us all. I am a bit gutted that I didn't do the Autumn one and that has got me wondering.... Would anyone who didn't do the Autumn swap be interested in doing a one-to-one swap with me ? We would then have a full set when the year is up. Anyone ??

Got to dash - loads to do. Have a great weekend !


Julia said...

Andrea, It is sooooooo cute!! Now your nose can get back into shape. LOL
I would be interested in doing a Fall Swap with you. Should we wait until fall to do it?

Kim said...

This is Very cute! Fall swap...???? Me too?????

Quilting Mama said...

How cute! I've seen a few of these swap pieces on blogs and they are all so different, it's wonderful to see everyone's interpretation of the seasons.

Barbara said...

Hello my name is Barbara and I come from Spain
I really like your blog!
I love the neceser you did with a game.
A kiss

gwen said...

You received a really quirly funny nice quilt. And te be approved by a teenager, that has to be great!
I like your 16patch quilt too, especially the borders. Your 7 weird things were very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

Jeanne said...

That's a very cute quilt! Glad it finally arrived.