Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A new start

to regular posting I hope.....

First up the winer of my birthday giveaway was number 6 ( random number generated ) and that turned out to be Mereth - which is serendipity as we actually share a birthday.  Please send me your address and I'll have a wander up to the post office.

As I have a lot to get through I think I will add a bit at a time and show you what I did yesterday.  Occasionally I dabble in a bit of cross stitch - a while back I finished a little piece and it had sat in a box for ages.  I was out in town yesterday and came across a place selling frames.  I bought one with the intention of getting this cross stitch in the frame even though I couldn't remember the size.  Really I was just hoping it would fit and hurray - it did !

A couple of weeks ago I was inspired by Lucy at attic24 to pick up my crochet hook and start a rippley blanket.  Now my quilts are normally scrappy but for this blanket I chose just 3 colours and started.  I bought a couple of balls of each colour just to see if I liked it.  I loved it and here's where the saga began.
Jess ( my daughter ) went back to the shop for me 2 days later to get some more for me ( as she was close by ) and could only get 2 colours as the other one was now out of stock.
No problem - I went online and ordered more.  The website stated it was in stock and would be despatched the next working day.  As I ordered it on a Saturday night I was expecting it to arrive no later than Wednesday.  After the postman had been - with no sign of my wool - I gave them a ring.  They said they were out of stock of one of the colours ( nice of them to tell me ) but would send the rest.  The out of stock colour would be in 2 days later and would follow.
The first parcel arrived with what they had and yes it was the same colour missing.
So I phoned a place where I get my fabric ( Abakhan Fabrics ) and they said they had the whole range in stock.  So off I went in my car to discover that actually they were out of just one colour - guess which one it was .......... Unbelievable.
  The online shop still has not sent the rest of my order after another week and are not answering my emails. Just marvellous.  Anyway here is where I've come to a halt on this...This isWendy Sorrento yarn and is a cotton/acrylic mix and is so soft and gorgeous.

And here is the other one I started out of sheer frustration.  This is using the lovely design Lucy is using..

This one will be a present for my son Patrick who feels the cold as he is so skinny ( more meat on a butchers pencil )

I have enough wool for this one so have learned my lesson - lol !

And after my disappointment with the Bliss fabric I have been tracking a bit of it down - here's my haul so far.

Well that's enough for now - more to come later in the week xxxx


A Time for Stitching said...

I love the cross-stitch picture. There's something so relaxing about looking at someone crafting whether in real-life or a picture. I've had a delivery saga of my own recently so I sympathise completely. If only they would communicate, the problem could be overcome!!
Teresa x

Gail said...

I share the frustration over not buying enough yarn! I have a hat going that I'm hoping against hope that there is enough on the ball to finish! Online shopping can be a challenge! You've been hard at work and the results are terrific!

Rhonda said...

You are sooooo talented. Your cross stitch piece is great and then the crochet work... WOW... love it!!!

black bear cabin said...

Your cross stitch came out lovely, and how cool that it fits in the frame! as far as that yarn incident...i really hate when that happens! hope things work out for ya :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love both ripples but what a palaver with the wool - hope it arrives soon!!

Ali Honey said...

It's lovely fabric.
Where did you get that saying? I've never heard it before but like it! ( it's obviously old as I doubt many butchers use pencils these days)

Chris H said...

OOOO I love that fabric!
And I used to make blankets just like that, but I have totally forgotten how to do it now!

Sharon said...

Congratulations to Mereth!
Your cross stitch picture is beautiful and so glad your frame fit! I love those ripply crocheted afghans and your color choices are lovely. Ugh...I know the frustration of back orders, so hope you will get yours soon!

sewkalico said...

You are amazing: crochet, cross stitch, knitting, BABY QUILTS in beautiful fabrics!!!! Thank you so much!

Lynda said...

The blankets are lovely, but I feel your pain with the supply troubles. Though recently I ordered a replacement lead for my Singer Starlight and it came in two days!

Meggie said...

Your crochet looks very nice. I wish I had a project ready to go, but suppose I wont have time.

Anonymous said...

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