Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What I've been up to !!

Still unable to use sewing machine much due to ongoing back problems - have a few new blocks to show you next time though.

So lots of hand sewing going on. I am currently hand quilting my log cabin sampler which now looks like this.

Sneaky shot of Patrick holding it up. Newly tidied noticeboard in the background - was a real mess before.

Also been working on my 3D hexie quilt which is growing nicely.

I am thinking of a new English Paper Piecing project but really want this together first. I am being quite good about not starting anything new although a couple of friends are expecting babies and we all know what that means :-)

And as promised here are the instructions for the little knitted squares.

I use Double Knitting wool for these and 4.5mm needles but as long as you use a correct needle this pattern will work with any type of wool. Maybe just make one for sizing purposes. I use two colours.

Cast on 89 stitches with colour 1

1st row (colour 1) - Knit

2nd row (colour 1) - K2tog, ( K19, K3tog ) 3 times, K19, K2tog. 81 sts

3rd row + every following alternate row using colour from previous row - Knit row.

4th row (colour 1) - K2tog, (K17, K3tog ) 3 times, K17, K2tog. 73 sts

6th row (colour 2) - K2tog, (K15, K3tog ) 3 times, K15, K2tog. 65 sts

8th row (colour 2) - K2tog, (K13, K3tog ) 3 times, K13, K2tog. 57 sts

10th row ( colour 1) - K2tog, (K11, K3tog ) 3 times, K11, K2tog. 49 sts

12th row ( colour 1 ) - K2tog, (K9, K3tog ) 3 times, K9, K2tog. 41 sts

14th row ( colour 2 ) - K2tog, (K7, K3tog ) 3 times, K7, K2tog. 33 sts

16th row ( colour 2 ) - K2tog, (K5, K3tog ) 3 times, K5, K2tog. 25 sts

18th row ( colour 1 ) - K2tog, (K3, K3tog ) 3 times, K3, K2tog. 17 sts

20th row ( colour 1 ) - K2tog, (K1, K3tog ) 3 times, K1, K2tog. 9 sts

22th row ( colour 1 ) - ( K3tog ) 3 times. 3 sts

23rd row ( colour 1 ) - K3tog and fasten off.

They will look like this and then you simply sew up the row edges.

Have fun - I have made a good few of these and will probably do more during the Winter months.

I have also been working on my cross stitch but have forgotten to take pictures and it is late now so that's something else for again xxxx


Gail said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday! I'm sorry your back isn't completely well so that you could do as you wished but it looks like the hand stitching is coming along quite nicely. I think I'll give your squares a try as I've been looking for a simple knitting project to get started back at that. Feel better!

orchidlover said...

I had been wondering hoe you've been feeling. I'm sorry that you are still not 100%.
I'm going to be starting a hexagon quilt in the New Year. I've decided to try and make a dent on my scraps. What do you use for the paper's?

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Chookyblue...... said...

sorry to hear your back is still no good but at least you can do some hand work........looks good.......

Gene Black said...

So sorry to hear that your back is still out of whack.

Roseanne said...

I do hope your back get better soon so you can get back in to your machine sewing. Hand sewing is good to at least you can catch up on that.

Lorraine said...

Love your sampler quilt...and sorry to hear you are still having back problems....aren't we an inventive lot though...can't use the hand stitching is the go! ...and aren't hexies addictive!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love that hand quilting project you are working on! Makes me want to get my hoop out and put in some stitches!
Hope your back keeps on healing - take good care.

Anne Heidi said...

I really hope your backproblem heals soon! I love those knitted squares, I might just have to try those.... And your quilt is looking great as well :-)

A Time for Stitching said...

Thank you for the pattern - I'll definitely give them a go sometime.
I love the 3-D hexigan look. The choice of colours is obviously important to get the desired affect and I love yours!
Hope your back improves soon. Sorry to hear it's still giving you trouble.
Teresa x

Tamera said...

Beautiful handwork.

Hope your back is feeling better soon.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Oh your poor back, hope you are feeling better soon...good that you can still do handwork, your projects are looking good...thanks for sharing the knitting squares tutorial...

Anonymous said...


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh sorry your back is still giving you problems. But I have to say - I LOVE your log cabin sampler! That is just awesome. And I see that really great square in a square hanging on your cork board. I remember seeing taht before and loving it!

vtquilter said...

So glad you posted! Sorry to hear your back is still feeling off. Love the hand quilting project and the knitted squares are very cute. Now I've got a hexie quilt and those squares added to my 'someday' list! Need to finish Em's sweater first... my first attempt at knitting one!

Sharon Kay said...

I'm sorry to hear you are still having back problems, but you are making great use of your down time! I LOVE the log cabin sampler!!! It's beautiful! Also thank you for the instructions on the knitted blocks. :)
Hope you are feeling much better very soon and back to your sewing machine.

sewkalico said...

Such a beautiful sampler!! (and of course i love your hexies!!)

Lynda said...

The round robin is gorgeous! And I admire your self-control at trying to finish on-going projects before starting new ones. Good luck with that!