Saturday, 11 July 2009

It's been a good week although I haven't actually got a lot of sewing done. Firstly a couple of thankyous are in order.

A lovely package arrived from Karol-Ann containing a cute little cosmetic purse ( which she made ) and some African animal fabric pictures which a certain young man has his eye on - lol !

Here is he wearing the great cap Karol-Ann got him from her recent trip to Africa. He has deemed it "cool" and has wore it several times out and about. I think it suits him and makes him look more handsome - but then I am biased - lol ! Thanks Karol-Ann from us both.

And I was VERY lucky to win a giveaway (my first win) from Teresa . I don't enter too many giveaways but I was so glad I did on this occasion. You'll all be jealous when you see my fantastic prize -

And also included was a whole pile of cards which I love too. All packaged in a very pretty box. Go on admit it - you're jealous lol..

Thankyou so much Teresa - I will treasure them.
A good day later in the week when we went out for lunch. After eating Jason and I found a new recently opened shop on the retail park - Tesco Home. We had a good mooch about and bought a few things. I then spotted a small furniture section and they had these great bookcases which I thought would be ideal for my sewing area. Just that flat pack stuff but really strong looking. The trouble was they would no way fit in my car - just too big.

So I left them there - sulking I may add. Later on Jason was in our street talking to some neighbours and shouted me over for some reason. I mentioned the bookcases and said how good they were for the money. These neighbours are the ones who had the baby I made the brown quilt for a while back. To cut a long story short she was trying to persuade him to go out for a meal to avoid cooking but it was a lot of hassle with the baby. I saw my chance and offered to babysit him ( he's 4 months old ) whilst they had their meal and in return they called at the shop and got my bookcases - as their car is much bigger than mine - what a result !!

So I've spent a couple of days getting organised. Jason had his doubts that they would not fit where I wanted them but I had measured and they look great. The best part of the deal was they only cost me £5 each - I still can't believe it. Bargain of the year !! They are as strong as anything and I am delighted with them. I still need to shift stuff around a bit but my room looks so much tidier already. The unit I had previously was buckling under the weight of my stuff.

I have come to the conclusion that blogreading is harmful to the UFO pile. Just this week alone I have seen 3 projects that I want/need to make. So I have started the smallest one - here is the beginning of it - a few little paper pieced hexagons.

Whilst sorting out my room I know I definitely need to bust some stash - I've only been quilting for 6 years and have way much fabric ( as my kids would say ). I think I will try and get a couple of quilt tops ready for quilting and use some fabrics I have fallen out with for backing - sounds like a plan.

Have a good weekend xx


Vicki W said...

Great new presents and what a deal on those bookshelves!

Teresa said...

I am so happy you like the gift and hope you will enjoy the scissors for many years to come. The bookshelves look great and what nice exchange for the delivery of them. Your hexagons look so neat and precise - good job. And I must admit, that's a cute fellow under that cap!

loulee said...

Good luck with that! I recently managed to make a hole in my stash, so maybe you will too.

Mrs Quilty said...

I really like your organization. Looks great! And interesting! I love the hexagons! Want to try that sometime! My stash is definitely out of control!!

Sheila said...

What great gifts you received and those bookshelves are perfect. I love to see how people have organised their stitching areas or rooms :)

*karendianne. said...

I've come to the conclusion Blogreading is harmful to my pocketbook. I can see how a couple good bookcases would do LeeHaven much good.

Gosh isn't a certain young man growing up and so very handsome, too. I luv those hexagons. That's definitely inspiring. Distracting. I must not look.

By the way, I enjoyed reading how the help for the bookcases all came together!


~Bren~ said...

Biased or not, that is one handsome kid!
Love the shelves...organized is good! The owl border fabric on your star quilt is wonderful. I love it!!!

Guðrún said...

The cap is great and your boy is soooo handsome. Everything is so organized in the shelves and beautifully displayed.

Barbara said...

Cute young man, nice smile, tell him the hat looks great on him.

NOW down to business, grin, could you show a photo of the complete pattern on that hexagon block? I have been wanting to make one, and I like yours.

meggie said...

Great bookcases. Great new project.

BUT best of all -how handsome is your son!!?? Gorgeous!

Floss said...

Great shelf, storage ca make all the difference, and I sure the neighbors enjoyed their meal with out the little one.

Doina said...

I like the things you have made and show on your blog!

sewkalico said...

So pleased the hat has found a home on that cute head!!!
I am envious of your shelves - oh to be organised *sigh*
I hate reading your blog LOL, I fancy those mini hex's myself :-)

Sarah said...

What a good-looking young man you have Andrea! And that cap looks great 8)
x Sarah

Anonymous said...
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