Monday, 5 November 2007

Happy Birthday Patrick !

Big day here today - my little baby has reached the grand old age of eleven. Patrick has been so excited this year about his birthday and has been counting down sleeps for a while.

We are planning a surprise party for him tonight. Only close family but he does not suspect. As tonight is Bonfire Night here in UK the plan is for his big sister Jess and her boyfriend to take him to the local firework display while I get everything ready. As you see I have made him a cake and have spent most of the day in and out ( mainly in ) the kitchen cooking and preparing.

As I've said before he is a real sweetie. Very kind and considerate, sensitive ( a bit too much sometimes ) and very, very polite. One of his teachers remarked that Patrick was the politest person he had met in his life - lol !! He takes a real interest in my quilting and loves reading through the blogs with me. He loves Karol-Ann's blog because he likes to see what her boys have been up to. Earlier this year him and Jess were called to the Crown Court as witnesses to an incident that had happened last year. Everyone in the court couldn't believe how well he did and what a "star" he was. We're all so proud of him - so happy birthday mate !

Actually Patrick is responsible for the next photo. He has been nagging me to put a photo of myself on my blog. He said that all the rest of the family have had photos on so I should put on one of myself. Now I am not a good candidate for having my photo taken. In fact I will do anything to avoid it. I never seem to look normal on photos !! Don't know what it is.... I think because I have black hair and quite pale skin I always look washed out - like the bride of Dracula - lol !! Anyway just for Patrick......

In between cooking chicken drumsticks and sausage rolls etc this morning I have made a start on the baby quilt for that little premature baby I spoke about before. My mum has asked me to do this and wanted something small and simple. Now simple I can do but small I have a problem with. My quilts always seem to come out much bigger than planned somehow. It is a bit of a standing joke at my quilt group. I have done this so far.. I was planning pinwheels but after all those triangles I was craving squares and rectangles - lol!!

I love the fishy fabric. I actually don't think I will put on borders as I like it as it is. Also because the baby is in intensive care in an incubator I don't think anything bigger will be practical. Will try and start quilting this tomorrow.

One last thing - got some more nice fabric from the warehouse including this. I love it but haven't a clue what to do with it yet - it just made me smile. Which is what quilting is all about I think - having fun !!

Take care now !


Doodlebug Gail said...

Happy Birthday Patrick! That cake looks delicious and I'm sure you've all had a wonderful evening.

Love the cow fabric - it made me smile.

Anne Ida said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATRICK!!! Hope it is a great day!

The cow fabric is adorable, Andrea! And the baby quilt looks great!

joyce said...

Good for Patric. It's nice to have a face to put with the name when blogging. I see where he gets his good looks! Happy Birthday Patric.
Love, love the cow fabric.

Fiona said...

Great cake - I've just shown the picture to my son (he will be 11 at the end of this month too).

Guðrún said...

Happy birthday to you Patrick, you look so handsome, great to see your mom too.
The cows sure make you smile.

Floss said...

Happy Birthday Patrick.
The cow fabric also made me smile.

Karol-Ann said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!! Big shout all the way from Yorkshire from, Karol-Ann, Jack and Toby!!!

Have a great party and enjoy the cake LOL! tell your Mum, the baby quilt is very cute, her quilt for her bed is wonderful and it's nice to put a face to a blog :-)

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick! The cake looks very special and I bet it is delicious. That's a wonderful picture of you and Patrick. Now I can "see" you when we talk. Have a great day.

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!
And congratulations on getting Mum to put her photo up! Lovely of both of you.
Lovely cake too, bet it was delicious!
I love that simple quilt, & think it will be a tonic for the little one.
also cute cows!!

Hedgehog said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick! Love what you did with the fish!

anne bebbington said...

Happy Birthday Patrick - what a lovely looking lad - and you look nice in the picture too - good to put a face to the blog. I can quite understand wanting to play with squares and rectangles after all those triangles I think this will be perfect for the baby - and I love that cow fabric, such fun!

Clare said...

Belated happy birthday to Patrick. I really really miss firework night. We used to go to the big display in the next village from us. I adore that cow fabric.

Ali Honey said...

That's a lovely photo of you both. I do hope the Birthday was a big success Patrick, and the cake was yummy.

katepang said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick - what a beautiful cake (my birthday is in May...). My No 1 son is nearly 10, and nice and polite too! Aren't they lovely when they're lovely?

I've got some of the fishy fabric - what you've done with it is lovely.

Sorry to tell you but I'm tagging you - please check my blog for the 5 question meme on why you create! If you wouldn't mind taking part, please answer the qs on your blog and then tag another 5 people.

Sarah Nopp said...

Of course you should have a picture of yourself!
It is nice to see you :)
And I am just blown away by that gorgeous paper pieced top. Really, it is so intricate and beautiful. I hope you get a chance to show your work to others, in person.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday (late) Patrick! And I LOVE the pic of you and your mom! I'm glad you made her do it!